Where to buy Purse Organizer in Singapore?

Looking for a bag organizer in Singapore? Most of the popular brands for CloverSac, Chameleon Inserts, Purseket®, BagMate®, PurseN, Purse Insert Organizers are not sold in any retail stores in Singapore. Good News is most of these brands has online store where you can purchase it online but prepare to pay a hefty amount of freight cost to have it shipped to Singapore.

Buying a bag organizer and have it shipped to Singapore from USA is not cheap, sometimes the freight cost can be even more than the bag organizer itself. If you on a tight budget and do not mind waiting, BagOrganizerShop is now conducting shopping spree for Chameleon Inserts. Each purse inserts shall cost from as low as USD$15 to USD$25. Depending on the response, the freight on average is around USD$3.00 to $5.00. Still cheaper than ordering yourself.

Your may check out below the latest brand for bag organizer – CloverSac . CloverSac is shipped out from Singapore, so if you are shipping within Singapore. You save on shipment cost. If you purchased over $80, shipping is free within Singapore.


Following are pictures of Emma 28, Bag ORganizers from CloverSac

emma-28-beige-rear-view CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-inside CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-top-view2 CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-top-view Longchamp-1899 CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-inside remove-centre1 removable-centre-compartment emma-28-red-rear-view emma-28-side-view Emma-28-Beige-side-view2 CloverSac-Emma-28-Red-with-stuff-1000

How it helps to organize your belongings when inserted into a handbag

To find more about CloverSac, please visit http://www.CloverSac.com

Alternatively you may also find cheap deals for bag organizer at Qoo10 and other online classifieds in Singapore. Some of these unbranded bag organizer can cost as low as SG$9.00 but do not expect any standard in quality and workmanship in these cheaply priced bag organizers.

If buying online is not your cup of cake and you want to buy something more expensive and premier, you may want to check out Tintamar. Tintamar produced its line of Purse Organizers know as VIP in short for Very Intelligent Pocket and they are currently sold at Tangs Singapore