What to consider when choosing a bag organizer

question_markPlanning to buy a Bag Organizer Insert and spoiled with choices. There are so brands and varieties when it comes to Bag Organizer insert today, handmade or factory made, structured or unstructured, sizes etc. Following are a few questions you should ask yourself before making that final decision

The most basic rule when it comes to deciding which purse organize to choose is the size. You do not want to get a size that is too big that it does not fit into your handbag or something that is too small that look like a small purse inside (which defeat the whole purposes of getting one in the first place). You want a size that fit and rest perfectly into your bag.

That is why it is important to take measure of the interior of your handbag and match it to that dimensions

Number of Pocket
Do you really need that many pockets? Many isn’t always good, if you only need three or four partitions, just get that one with that few pockets. Some Purse insert has both Interior and exterior. Exterior pocket may or may not be good as it sit out the bag organizer against the interior of your handbag. Do you really need that?

Structure vs Weight
Some bag organizer comes in strong structure which is useful when you want something that sit well in your bag and shape your bag at the same time. The trade off when buying one with a strong structure is its weight, Bag Organizer Insert that has a well-structured generally weight more.

Polyester or Nylon or Felt? Which has its pro and con:
Benefit of Bag Organizers made of Nylon are exceptionally light, feels better, more durable and does not deform easily however it generally cost more.

Benefit of Bag Organizers made of Polyester generally cost less compared those that are made from Nylon. They are
also hydrophobic, meaning it does not absorb water so it dry easily. You will not need to worry if your water bottle spilled. Another key benefit of a Polyester made Bag Organizer is it is extremely stain-resistance.

The downside of polyester are weight, durability when you compare it against Nylon made