Samorga Reviews

No matter how you try to arrange all the stuff you put in your purse at the start, it’s going to get messy when you use it. By the end of the day, you’ll have a hard time looking for your keys or your phone with all the clutter inside. It is not a favorable situation and I’m certainly not a fan of it as well. This was the case until I found the Samorga bag insert online.

There are actually a lot of bag inserts made by Samorga but I’ll be focusing on the purse insert, which is meant for handbags and totes. A lot of women use one of these types for routine use as in my case, so it should be the first priority if you are planning on buying a bag organizer.


At first glance you’ll know that the insert is made of felt. And when you think of felt, you think about durability. This is a good thing since nothing beats a long lasting investment. If you have a lot of bags and want to have only several organizers to keep, a felt purse organizer would be a good fit. Felt is highly resilient so it’s good at keeping its form no matter how intense the wear and tear. It will definitely go well with a large bag collection and a busy schedule.

One of the features I like about this product is the removable divider. It’s like having a two-in one pouch where you can rearrange things the way you see fit. It gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to organizing – thus it’s easier for you to locate stuff. All other basic advantages of a purse organizer can be associated as well such as easier means of transferring stuff from one bag to another or numerous compartments for small objects.

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about this bag insert, it would be the lack of a zipper closure. I’m very particular with my items being in their rightful places so an open organizer is not very suitable when I’m on an activity that requires maximum movement. Most spilled items mix with the ones outside, so it gets messy at some point anyway.

Another thing which I didn’t like about Samorga bag organizer is the material used. The felt seem to shed overtime making it the interior of the handbag messy.

Samorga offers many choices depending on the bag you want to have the insert for. All designs are made of felt and come in different solid colors to match your discerning taste. What I love most about them is that they offer customization. This is really useful especially if you lots of unusually shaped bags. The prices are quoted upon request, so you’ll know how much to expect upon ordering.

The Samorga purse is suitable if you are looking for durability as a main factor. It will definitely last long even if you use it daily. The price is right considering the materials used and how the design is developed. Overall, I believe it is a smart purchase.