Purseket Organizer Review

Purseket is one of those stuff that became an overnight sensation after it was featured in Oprah but does it really work well as a Bag Organizer Insert?

The design of Purseket unlike bag organizer is a simple, it looks like a “belt” with pockets that allow you to fit nicely into your handbags. With this design, you save a lot of space because it has no base and the organizer just run around the internal of handbags

What we like about Purseket
It is like light and not easy to fit into your bag
It is not bulk as it has no base
Good for fitting small items like lipstick, pens, handbags

What we like about Purseket
Purseket can only can store small items, not able to partition big items such as notebook, ipad etc. so if you are only looking for a Bag Organizer to fit your small loose items, this is a good choice
Can be a little clumsy inside the bag as it can roll all over the places as the structure does not have a base
The lack of a base also mean it is not able to act as bagshaper for handbags that do not have a solid base