How to choose the right size for Purse Organizer

There are so many brands when it comes to Bag Organizer inserts there are in the market today. Such Brand has its own unique sizes. This include popular brand such as Chameleon Inserts or PurseToGo to handmade Purse Insert like Divide And Conquer or Samorga. Most of these provide recommended Sizes for popular handbag model such as Louis Vuitton NeverFull, Speedy to LongChamp or Hermes Kelly. What if what you have is a unique and something not that popular. Following are tips you may want to consider when choosing the best purse insert for your handbag.

1. Dimension of your handbagsbag-dimensions_small
The first important thing when deciding the right organizer for your purse is its dimension. Take measuring tape and measure the inside of the handbags. Remember inside and not outside as much as possible. Take the interior height, width and length.

After taking the dimensions, compare it with the dimension combine the smallest measurements in each dimension (Length, Width, Height) and match those with the purse organizer that will fit within those dimensions. Many of our customers have many handbags and typically buy several of our Chameleon purse organizers in different sizes.


2. Structure of the handbags
Depending on the type of handbag you have, some purse organizer with a strong structure can help to hold your bag in shape especially if you bag is made out of soft texture. If handbag is made of a sturdy material which hold the shape well, it is better to get a purse organizer of a weak structure so that it shape according to the structure of the handbags.

3. Base Optional
Some purse organizer come with a sturdy base as well

4. Weight
The weight of purse organizer depend a lot of the material, tough material with structure normally weight more than one without structure.

5. Pockets
Some people like purse organizer with many pockets, some only like with a few pockets and a partition. This depend on a lot on person preferences