Following are frequently asked questions when it comes to Shopping at

How is Chameleon Inserts related BagOrganizerShop
BagOrganizerShop is an authorized reseller of Chameleon Inserts in Singapore

What are the benefit buying directly from Chameleon Inserts at BagOrganizerShop
You save on shipment, we allowed you to save on shipment. You only pay flat fee of USD$5.00 per item for Shipment to anywhere in Singapore. If you order directly from Chameleon Inserts, it shall cost you over $40 to ship one items.

How Much do you really Save?
If you order a Chameleon Inserts – Structured Large, it shall cost you USD$65.00 including freight when you order directly but if you order via us, it only cost you only $30.00. You save over 50%

How long is delivery time?
All order (after payment) made before end of each month shall be delivered Mid of the following month
See example below:
John ordered on the 24th Feb, John’s item is delivered on the 15th March
Mary ordered on the 1st March, Mary’s items is delivered on the 15th April

How much is the freight cost if I order more than 1 piece?
The freight cost for first and second pieces shall be USD$5.00 Each, Additional Items shall be charged at USD$2.50 each

How I know what size to order?
Always ensure the Interior Dimensions of your Handbag is not bigger than the Dimension of the Bag organizer, you may use the Size Estimator Tool at the Shopping Area

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I have placed an order, what happen next?
We shall send you a confirmation email within 48 hours

How do I pay?
We shall send you a confirmation email along with a payment link for payment. We only accept payment via Credit Card or Paypal