Emma 28, Top Handbag organiser by CloverSac

Emma 28 is the latest bag organizer launched by CloverSac. They are many things we like about CloverSac Emma 28, it is lightweight, structured and it has a centre compartment that can be removed to create more space. Following is picture of how Emma 28 look like in front and behind. It is currently available in Red and Beige.

CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-high CloverSac-Emma-28-Red-with-stuff-1000 emma-28-beige-rear-view Emma-28-Beige-side-view2 emma-28-red-rear-view emma-28-side-view

There are a total 6 internal side pockets, 4 middle compartment slots and 3 external pockets. Following is the top view of CloverSac Emma 28.The middle compartment pockets are one of the only bag organizer I known that can hold a water bottle firmly.


To firm up the entire structure of the purse organizer insert, you insert structured cards at the two side walls and the bottom.

The centre compartment pockets can also be easily removed if you needed more space.



See how well it fit into a Louis Vuitton and Longchamp handbags

CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-inside Longchamp-1899

The detail specifications of CloverSac Emma 28 is as follow:

  • Dimensions : 11”L x 6”H x 5”W
  • Weight: 150/250 g
  • Number of internal side pockets: 6
  • Number of external pockets: 3
  • Number of slots from middle compartment (Removable) : 4
  • Colour: Beige (also available in Red)

For more information, please visit http://www.CloverSac.com